You can reach Rajesh in many different ways. The easiest would be by emailing him at “explore AT foresightplus DOT com

More information if you are trying to reach him for a specific reason like the ones identified below:

1. Scheduling a Speaking Engagement

Rajesh speaks a number of times every year professionally. You can schedule a speaking engagement for a conference or a company event. You can reach him at explore AT foresightplus DOT com

2. Coaching and Mentoring

Rajesh is currently not taking new clients but is always interested in hearing from you. You can reach him at explore AT foresightplus DOT com

3. Consulting

Rajesh consults with select companies to help bring new ideas to life and/or bring new life to existing ideas. You can reach him at explore AT foresightplus DOT com

4. Press

Rajesh welcomes any press inquiries for interviews or articles. You can reach Shelley Booze (shelley AT shevrushpr DOT com) for any media inquiries

Rajesh is a frequent speaker at conferences and companies on
variety of topics. To book him for a speaking engagement click here »